Of the first subject of church powr or, to whom church powr doth first belong.

      THe first subject of church powr, (1) is eyther Supream, or Subordinat, & Ministerial. the Supream (by way of gift from the father) is the Lord Iesus Christ. the Ministerial, is either extraordinary; (2) as the Apostles, Prophets, & Evangelists: or Ordinary; as every particular Congregational church.
      Ordinary church powr, is either the power of office, that is such as is proper to the eldership: or, power of priviledge, such as belongs unto the brotherhood. the latter is in the brethren formally, & immediately from Christ, (3) that is, so as it may according to order be acted or exercised immediately by themselves: the former, is not in them formally or immediately, and therfore cannot be acted or exercised immediately by them, but is said to be in them, in that they design the persons unto office, who only are to act, or to exercise this power.


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