Of the Officers of the Church, especially of Pastors & Teachers.

      A Church being a company of people combined together by covenant (1) for the worship of God, it appeareth therby, that there may be the essence & being of a church without any officers, seeing there is both the form and matter of a church, which is implyed when it is said, the Apostles ordained elders in every church,
      2 Nevertheless, though officers be not absolutely necessary, to the simple being of churches, (2) when they be called: yet ordinarily to their calling they are, and to their well being: and therfore the Lord Iesus out of his tender compassion hath appointed, and ordained officers which he would not have done, (3) if they had not been usefull & need full for the church; yea, being Ascended into heaven, he received gifts for men, and gave gifts to men, whereof officers for the church are Justly accounted no small parts; they being to continue to the end of the world, and for the perfecting of all the Saints. (4)
      3 The officers were either extraordinary, or ordinary, extraordinary, as Apostles, Prophets, Evangilists. ordinary as Elders & Deacons.
      [8] The Apostles, Prophets, & Evangelists, (5) as they were called extraordinarily by Christ, so their office ended with them selves whence it is that Paul directing Timothy how to carry along Church-Administrations, Giveth no direction about the choice or course of Apostles, Prophets, or Evangelists, but only of Elders & Deacons. (6) & when Paul was to take his last leave of the church of Ephesus, he committed the care of feeding the church to no other, but unto the Elders of that church. The like charge doth Peter commit to the Elders. (7)
      4 Of Elders (who are also in Scripture called Bishops) Some attend chiefly to the ministry of the word, As the Pastors & Teachers Others, attend especially unto Rule, who are therfore called Ruling Elders.(8)
      5 The office of Pastor & Teacher, appears to be distinct. The Pastors special work is, to attend to exhortation: & therein to Administer a word of Wisdom: the Teacher is to attend to Doctrine, & therein to Administer a word of Knowledg: (9) & either of them to administer the Seales of that Covenant, unto the dispensation wherof the are alike called: as also to execute the Censures, being but a kind of application of the word, the preaching of which, together with the application therof they are alike charged withall. (10)
      6 And for as much as both Pastors & Teachers are given by Christ for the perfecting of the Saints, & edifying of his body, which Saints, & body of Christ is his church; Therfore wee account Pastors & Teachers to be both of them church- officers; & not the Pastor for the church: (11) & the Teacher only for the Schools, Though this wee gladly acknowledg, that Schooles are both lawfull, profitable, & necessary for the trayning up of such in good Literature, or learning, as may afterwards be called forth unto office of Pastor or Teacher in the church.


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